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Wellness Center

Bret Harte's on-site, no-cost healthcare center

Rising Harte Wellness Center is Bret Harte’s dedicated health clinic through a partnership with Fred Finch youth Services. We are conveniently located right next door to Bret Harte and our goal is to improve student health so all students can succeed in school and in life.

RHWC provides medical (e.g., first-aid, immunizations, and physicals), dental (e.g., preventative care, cleanings, and fillings), and behavioral health care, audiology services, health education, youth leadership development, health insurance enrollment, and family support services to Bret Harte Middle School students and their families. Both students and their siblings are welcome to come get care free of cost.

To register your child with the Rising Harte Wellness Center, please feel free to print the following forms and turn them in to the main office at the school or you bring them directly to the health center:

  • Health Center and Medical Consent
  • Dental Consent
  • Member Registration Form
  • Medical History and Immunizations
  • Release of Information
  • Member Information Materials

If you are not the legal guardian but the child is in your care, please print and fill this form out:

Caregiver Consent Affidavit

If your health coverage is not active or you do not have a Social Security Number, please print and fill this form out:

Gateway Form

We look forward to addressing your health care needs!