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After-School Program & Clubs

After-School program

Bret Harte offers an on-site, full-featured after-school program, run by the nonprofit Oakland Leaf. The after-school program is open to all students, free of charge.


The program runs from the end of school through 6 p.m. each school day (including minimum days)

Program Details

In the after-school program, students have the space to do homework and engage in enriching activities that vary annually such as:

  • Academic Tutoring
  • Gardening
  • Lacrosse
  • Destiny Arts - Dance
  • Bike Club

Important enrollment details

Students are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and slots typically fill up for each grade.  Families must reapply annually; slots are not held from year to year.  New district-approved forms are typically available late each spring for the following school year, and only those current forms may be used (i.e., parents may not use a prior year's forms and just write in the new year; such applications cannot be accepted).  A mandatory orientation for students and their families is held prior to the start of each school year's program.

Applications are available in the main office. 

For more information, please contact Oakland Leaf's Site Manager for Bret Harte, Ms. Kelsey.

Email Ms. Kelsey